This movie was purely mesmerizing! Thanks to Warner Bros. UK, who organised a beautiful night out for the preview screening of Emily, we were also able to enjoy the sweet introduction by director Frances O’Connor and actress, Emma Mackey. They talked a bit about why they both wanted to tell the story of Emily Bronte, and also mentioned that they filmed the movie in 6 weeks, which made the experience even more full on and intense.

Frances O’Connor said that she used to read Wuthering Heights on her way to school everyday and totally be captured by the story. She wanted to bring Emily’s life story to the big screen also because she identified as an introvert herself, an aspect that she wrote very delicately into the scrip.

The movie follows Emily’s journey into womanhood, while being seen by her family and society as a rebel and a weirdo. The script allows the audience to really see Emily and get to know her deep down. Her struggles and challanges are still very present in today’s day and age, where young adults have a hard time trying to prove themselves time and time again. Touching on drug abuse and social anxiety, the script brings a lot of emotion that is beautifully portayed by Emma Mackey (stunning performance), Oliver Jackson-Cohen, Alexandra Dowling, Fionn Whitehead, Amelia Gething, and the entire cast members.

Everyone is strange if you look at them for long enough.

Frances O’Connor marks her directorial debut with Emily, for which she also signed the script, and it feels like the best combo possible for this story. At least that’s what it felt like for me – it’s personal, intimate, and simply beautiful.

The story takes place in the 1800s, and while it follows Emily’s troubled youth, it also gives an extraodinary background for her work that instantly became a classic, Wuthering Heights. For someone like me, who has not yet read the novel, I can say that this just makes you want to read it even more although the emotions captured in the book are probably going to be overwhelmingly sad and beautiful.

I absolutely loved the acting, the locations, and the amazing set design, along with the most magical soundtrack that just brought everything together. I was really happy to find a pure old good movie in the cinemas, and I invite you all to enjoy the beauty that is Emily.

It’s the future we must live for.


Emily is out this Friday, 14th of October. Thank you, Warner Bros. UK, for the invite.

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