Since I found out about Loreen’s entry in this year’s competition, I knew she was going to either win or finish in top 5. As an Eurovision fan, who doesn’t remember Euphoria even now, 11 years later? She has an amazing voice, she is a great performer, and she is enjoying every second of it, somehow losing herself in the music. I voted for her in the semi-final and I voted for her in the grand final last night. She is my winner, but she is also the official winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2023.

Let’s look back on the most beautiful moments of this year’s competition, starting with the 1st semi-final which took place on Tuesday, 9th of May, two days after the turquoise carpet aka opening ceremony. Eurovision took place in Liverpool; it was hosted by the United Kingdom on behalf of Ukraine due to the war. Here are my favorite outfits from the opening ceremony:

Going back to the first semi-final, there was this interval act performance that still plays before my eyes. It was a tribute to Ukraine and the people affected by the war. I did cry watching this. 💛

This semi-final was stronger as a competition than the second semi-final. Some of the following performances are still making people talk about them.

Finland’s Kaarija had an amazing performance in the semi-final. He was still one of the best ones in last night’s grand final, but I still like this perfomance more.

Before Eurovision started this year, I found out about Norway’s entry – Queen of Kings. Such a good song, but the performance was far from perfect and I was kind of dissapointed. If you’re still curious, you can watch it here. The song remains a banger.

I thought Ireland’s song was very catchy and their moment was so full of light and positivity. Unfortunately, they did not qualify to the final. Still one of the moments of that night and one of my favorites. Minus his outfit.

It was the first time I heard the song Watergun, from Switzerland, and I really liked the lyrics. You gotta have a good ballad in the competition, and for me it was Remo’s.

One of the hosts, Alesha Dixon, delivered a very nice rap moment presenting the history of Eurovision. She is also stunning.

My favorite moment of the first-semifinal, grand final, and of Eurovision 2023 overall – Loreen and her song, Tattoo, for Sweden.

This was a powerful performance by Vesna from Czechia. And I really loved their outfits, too. So cute.

And, of course – Rita Ora, ladies and gents! With a medley of her songs. She owned the stage.

Moving on to the second semi-final where I don’t really have too much to say. A few nice-okish moments, nothing that will stay with you for more than 5 minutes, but here we go.

I liked Brunette from Armenia. She is also the songwritter for her song, Future Lover, and the chorus of it is quite catchy.

The Belgium’s representative was so happy to be on that stage, man. Just look at him.

Luke Evans made an appearance delivering an ode to the history of Eurovision.

Another beautiful voice, Monika Linkyte for Lithuania. With a VERY catchy chorus.

This medley of songs was very enjoyable and fun to watch in the interval act. Loved it.

I will briefly touch on Romanian’s moment, too. I have tried to vote for Andrada Popa in the national selection, but it didn’t work. She was my favorite. I did not like Romania’s entry this year and I did not understood the concept or the moment presented on stage. The fact that the song didn’t qualify was not a surprise to me and I didn’t want it to qualify because I purely did not like it. I also did not understood why the song was changed so much compared to the studio version or even with the national selection version. It didn’t work at all and as sad as this makes me say, it was probably one of the worst moments in Romania’s history in Eurovision.

Last night’s grand final had only one surprise for me – Israel finished in top 5, and I wouldn’t have thought that song/moment deserved such a high position, but what do I know?

Like I said in the beginning, I voted for Loreen. But I fell in love with Italy’s singer moment, as well. Such a beautiful voice.

Apart from my favorites that I have already had my eyes on since the semi-finals, I was so happy to finally see Daði Freyr on the Eurovision stage in front of a live audience. He finished in 4th place in 2021, while in a hotel room in quarantine. One of the band members tested positive for Covid-19 just before the grand final in 2021 and they have used a pre-recorded rehersal to show in the live show instead. His performance from last night was so Daði. I love him and I cannot wait to see him in concert again.

Another beautiful moment came from last year’s artist for the United Kingdom, who finished in the 2nd place, Sam Ryder. Very emotional.

I had so much fun watching this year’s Eurovision. This tradition that I’ve started back when I was only a child, will carry on for as long as this show will exist. And, in Loreen’s words, it’s becoming bigger and bigger every year. No signs of stopping anytime soon.

Loreen became the first female to win the competition twice and Sweden now holds 7 wins, the most successful country alongside Ireland. Irish singer, Johnny Logan, also won the competition twice.


Eurovision Song Contest 2024 will take place in Sweden and I cannot wait!

Photo: Insider, Forbes, BBC, EurovisionWorld

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