The Warner Bros. UK team was kind enough to invite me to see the home premiere of Magic Mike’s Last Dance which I wanted to see since I’ve found out about the movie in the first place.

I just want to start this review by being very clear from the vey start. I am a fan of the Magic Mike franchise, I truly enjoyed the first two movies and I even wrote a review back in 2015 after watching Magic Mike XXL where you can clearly see I loved it, I still remember how much fun we had that evening. It was fun, and funny, full of music and good dance numbers, it delivered. Did the first Magic Mike movie need a sequel? No, of course it didn’t (I wasn’t even that impressed with the first movie). But did it do a good job at taking the story further? Yes, very well so.

Now, people, listen. It has been 8 years since Magic Mike XXL hit the cinemas and, honestly, nobody wanted a third movie to just bring the bar so low that it feels like a joke. It’s been a hot minute since I’ve had such a bad impression about a popcorn movie. The only good thing about Magic Mike’s Last Dance is the fact that it is the last. Please, do not reboot it, do not continue it, do not touch this story again. Do not do it unless you have something to bring to the game, something that can bring the spark back and make us fall in love with Mike again. Even better, do not touch the story unless you have something that will make Channing Tatum be his comfortable, sexy self that we’ve met in the first two movies, because in this Last Dance he is not the Mike we fell for.

You came along and gave me this unexpected, magical moment that made me remember who I really was.

I don’t regret watching this movie, I like to see a story from start to finish, but as a fan I am just disappointed. It still is a good afternoon movie that you can play in the background while you clean the house or reorganize your library.


Magic Mike’s Last Dance is now available to buy or rent online.

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